Sunday, December 6

See Ya!

We are in the lab, preparing for a proper release. We apoligize for the inconvinience but promise it's worth it. See ya in 2010! Valley!

Tuesday, October 27

And Wha'chu Know About That?

Soulja Boy ft. Drake - Play Ball

autotuneKILLA. But nice work, drake. Thats the tightest verse souljaboy ever spit.

Lupe Fiasco - All The Way Turnt Up

I think Lupe expiriemented with his first alchoholic beverage, gotta slow beat and killed it.

Amerie feat. Fabolous - More Than Love

Ameries comin back correct. Fabolous is so concistant.

Wale feat. John Mayor - Letter

What a powerful and BeautifuL song. Wale attacked the guitar riff perfectly with such a relatable concept.

uhh, valley?

Sunday, October 18

Its Gonna Be Hard to Quit.

i like it. but im gonna
need a new formula from
drake pretty soon, tho.
hey, atleast it doesnt
have any slowed down adlibs.


Tuesday, October 13

Let it Loose!

Wale is growin on me.
this shit goesssssss.


I Really Hope your'e Ready.

Hoodini is an old freind of mine.
Hes been making Hip Hop music in
the San Fernando Valley for some
time now. I did a beat on his last
mxtape and now hes releasing an
album with a sublabel of Sony.
Show my valleycat some love at

valley! [alldayevery]
ohcee¿icoast. [alldayevery]

Wednesday, October 7

YoungMoney, CashMoney.

gohd, drakes boots
are terrible. lilWayne
go off, though.


Tuesday, October 6

Wait, they're tight!

Sophia Fresh is an up and coming group
on Tpains NappyBoy label. They're most
popular work to date is ''What it is''
produced by Pain himself. Their style
is real creative, im excited to see
where they go with it.


Monday, October 5

the left coast...

the best coast you know we the best smokeee,

this shit is reaaaal, never the fuccin less.

icoastyoudont,selfmadeee & gettin paidd.

Monday, September 28

Young berg gets punched in the bakc of the head, lmfao..

& thats union,stussy, & the camera man could of atleast got a piece of undftd..
Just outsidee of melroseee, california..

icoastyoudont, that sukcs for youuu.

Friday, September 25

in there.

Fame Kills from kwest on Vimeo.


Wednesday, September 23

I used t' want this thing forever yall can have it bakc..

a basketball movieee about king jamesss? thatsss liveeee.

andd em is a fuccin beasttt.

icoastyoudont,& i dont plan on stoppin' at all..

Monday, September 21

Sunset Music Fest...

sorry im so late.. but I forgot.. anyways SSMF was dope as fuck ...... if you missed out .. DAMN! over 30 Bands and Artists.... its good to see L.A. come together and do something like this... well here is some footage I recorded .... Enjoy